High hopes build on Tamil players! Hyderabad Hydras and Reckoning Esports

With the semifinal round of BGIS nearing, Team Hyderabad Hydras and Team Reckoning esports are expected to come out in flying colours as the teams have topped their respective groups in the quarter finals round. Both these teams consist Tamil players as their main roster and they are proving their worth in every single game. Hyderabad Hydras finished their quarter finals with a massive 99 points whereas Reckoning Esports achieved the 100 point mark in their group. All these developed high expectations on the teams and they are ready to give it all at the semifinal round.

Hyderabad Hydras roster list

  • Striker
  • Carry
  • AceBlack
  • Manty
  • Evil Surya

Reckoning Esports roster list

  • Mr Spray
  • Maxy
  • Abrar
  • Skrillex

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